Privacy Policy

  1. Basic definitions
  2. 1.1. Service - a website located on the Internet at the address - // is an unofficial service for creating buttons and feedback links for public Telegram accounts: channels, groups, robots and chats that are publicly available on the Internet.

    1.2. User - a person who has access to the service via the Internet.

    1.3. Operator - the administration of the website and service

  3. General provisions
  4. 2.1. This Privacy Policy has been developed in accordance with the requirements of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    2.2. The purpose of this policy is to ensure the protection of human rights and freedoms in the processing of his personal data, including protecting the rights to the inviolability of private life, personal and family secrets, from unauthorized access and disclosure.

  5. Collection, processing and protection of personal data
  6. 3.1. The service does not authorize the user, as it only works with public accounts and has access only to public data from the Internet.

    3.2. The service does not collect and process personal data, except for public information specified below.

    3.3. The list of public personal data that can be used for the service: Telegram Username ID, photo profile (if established), name and surname (if indicated), name and description (if indicated), the number of subscribers or participants, Telegram account;

    3.4. Users of the website, express their consent with this confidentiality policy and thereby give their consent to the processing of public personal data specified in clause 3.3.

    3.5. the safety of the personal data of the specified in clause 3.3, which is processed by the operator, is ensured by the implementation of legal, organizational and technical measures necessary to fulfill the fulfillment of the current legislation in the field of personal data protection.

    3.6. The user has the right to demand from the service to remove his public personal data, as well as withdraw consent to the processing of his personal data, sending the appropriate notice to the operator through the messenger: @f1bot

  7. Policy of the use of COOKIES
  8. 4.1. COOKIE-files-these are small text files placed on the user's computer web sites that the Olzer-Tapers visited.They are widely used so that websites can work more efficiently.

    4.2. Operator and third-party services specified in clause 5.2 can use cookies to personalize data on the service website (setting up the interface language, appearance of the website), collecting statistics, forImprovements of service and analysts for placing targeted advertising.

    4.3. The user expresses his consent to the processing of cookies and the provisions of this policy during the use of the service and by reading the notification in the pop-up window, when visiting the service website.

    4.4. data of cookies can be stored as much time as it is necessary for the service or third-party services specified in clause 5.2.

    4.5. The user can configure the reception or blocking of cookies in the browser independently.The inability to accept cookies can partially limit the functions of the service.

  9. data transfer to third parties
  10. 5.1. Personal data specified in clause 3.3 are depersonalized, publicly available on the Internet and are used only for the service and are not transmitted to third parties, except the cases below.

    5.2. The operator uses third-party Internet services: Google Analytics, Yandex Metric, Targeted Advertising services Google, ADFOX, which carry out the collection and processing of depersonalized statistical information and show personalized advertising.

  11. Additional provisions
  12. 6.1. Changes can be made to this policy.The operator has the right to make changes at his discretion and without prior notice of users.

    6.2. issues and proposals regarding the execution or change of this policy, the user has the right to send by sending a message through the messenger: @f1bot

    6.3. The current edition of this Policy is posted on the site and is available on the Internet at //